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New patient examination

Routine patient examination




Additional diagnostic x-rays


Study models




Hygienist Scale and polish from


Sports mouth guards


Soft bite appliances


Hard bite appliances


Small amalgam filling


Medium amalgam filling


Large amalgam filling


Small composite white filling


Medium composite white filling


Large composite white filling


White glass ionomer fillings from




Root canal treatment: incisor/canine


Root canal treatment: premolar


Root canal treatment: molar




Implant consultation


Implant including crown




Bone augmentation from




Gold crown from


Porcelain fused to metal crown


Full porcelain crown 


Cast post and core


Porcelain veneers


Adhesive bridges

 £550 per unit

Conventional bridges

£475-640 per unit

Simple extractions


Surgical extractions from


Multiple extractions

 on time basis

Soft tissue surgery

 on time basis



Full upper and lower acrylic dentures


Full upper or lower acrylic denture


Partial acrylic denture from


Flexible acrylic denture from


Partial chrome denture (single) from


Partial chrome denture (upper and lower) from


Denture repairs from


Denture tooth additions from


Denture reline from




Home tooth whitening from




Smile design consult


Emergency call out to surgery


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